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Working for decades in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Orchard Solution has made its mark in top SEO makers in the world. We have a team of incredible SEOs which are truly professionals and experts in doing their work to provide you top notch SEO services.

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We know how to make your website in the Google’s top ranking through our remarkable SEO services. We optimize your content by using the new and trendy google algorithms which includes Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobile, Medic, Bert, Bank Brain and Core updates etc. Our both on-page and off-page SEO services are matchless and bring exceptional changes in your business by increasing your revenue.

On-Page SEO Services

Orchard Solution is a significant name in the field of providing search engine optimization. Our On-page SEO services include a lot of technicalities and optimizations which makes your website to rank among the top searches on google. We optimize your content by keeping in view the following tactics:


Tittle Keywords

Most obvious and important in terms of ranking at google is the tittle keyword of your content by which we can get a good ranking at different search engines.

Description Tag Keywords

Google or other search engines find it easier to provide a ranking to the specific site having most likely to search keywords in meta description tags. We are experts in this matter.

H1 Tag Keywords

Besides your tag tittle, we know how to use H1 as the second tag tittle because of its importance having targeted keywords to rank at google.

Optimized Content Length

In process of gaining top ranking at different search engines, we exactly know how to achieve certain ranking spot having optimized content length.

Useful Table of Content

We set a better table of content which google find it useful in ranking a specific website. By designing a useful table of content we make it easier for your website to get a good rank at google.

Optimized Keyword Density

Google checks the keyword density while allocating a specific rank to a website. Lower and higher both keywords densities are not good in terms of gaining good rankings. We set the keywords in right densities and amounts to make your website to get ranked.

LSI Keywords in Content and Description Tags

Latent Semantic Index Keywords are the mostly used and searched keywords by the user traffic at different search engines. These keywords are really helpful in getting a good rank spot. Orchard solution knows better how to use LSI keywords in title tags or in description tags to be at the top ranking of google.

Topics in Page Covers

Not only the title tags but the topics on each coverage page if deeply cover all the related information by each angles can be really helpful in SEO optimization. We set in depth topics on cover pages to rank on google.
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Phenomenal Page Loading Speed

To get a higher rank on google and Bing we make web pages with optimum page loading speed through HTML and Chrome.

Recent Algorithms

Orchard Solution makes it easy for a website to rank on google by using the recently invented algorithms like hummingbird etc.

Get a Good Ranking with AMP

By mobile search, our AMP icons make it easy for users to search their desired page quickly which is beneficial for your site to get good ranking.

Off-Page SEO Services

The content which you write at different websites to get a backlink in an order to achieve a good ranking at Google is called Off-page content. Orchard Solution has gain expertise in SEO optimization of off-page content along with the on-page one. We provide these amazing services with the help of following techniques


Matchless Outbound Link Quality and Theme

Orchard Solution knows it really well how to maintain a good outbound link quality to increase Google’s trust in your content to allotting your website a good rank. We design an appealing theme of your outbound content for your website to make it easier to get a good spot in google ranking.

Eliminating Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

In an order to get a spotlight in google ranking, we eliminate or minimize the grammar and spelling mistakes of your website.

Make a Good Mobile Usability

We provide incredible SEO services by making your website user friendly and make it good for mobile usability. In this way, you can get a good google rank.

Multimedia Elements

We use good quality multimedia elements like videos and images to give a good quality content to the google which is helpful in getting a good position at overall ranking.

Using Impressive Number of Internal Links

We Orchard Solution know how many internal website links to use while gaining a higher rank on Google.
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Quality of the Internal Links

Orchard Solution uses good quality website links to get a good ranking at search engine sites because we know very well how to get a higher rank at google.

Why to choose Orchard Solutions?

Orchard Solution provides quality SEO services by charging the most reasonable amounts. Choose us to work with top most SEO providers. We feel immense pleasure in answering your queries. Make a call to talk with our customer care representative. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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